Sunday, February 6, 2011


Good morning all. Yes, it is Sunday once again and that means we are going to see what Lucy is doing today to be crafty. Well, what can I say once in a while Jerry has to get in on the action and this picture is from one of those times. I know that I have mentioned thousands of times that Lucy is a cat that thinks she is a dog or even a human. She will lay there and pretty much let Jerry do anything to her. What you are looking at is some of Lucy's toys. She loves to play fetch with Jerry with the little hairbands that girls use to put their hair in ponytails. I guess my 'DH' decided that Lucy looked very Olympic while she was taking a nap the other day. She even went back to sleep after I took this picture. I had to make Jerry take them off of her. lol....Have a great Sunday everyone. Are you ready for the Super Bowl? I am ready for Glee afterwards. Yay! lol
Talk at you later. Lisa G

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Amy said...

I can see Lucy is not easily rattled, that will probably earn her a gold medal! ;)
I'm all ready for Glee tonight, can't wait! :)