Sunday, February 13, 2011


Good morning everyone. I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend. We have been having sunny days and warm weather. What more could you ask for when we are heading into the 3rd week of February? I know that we will still get more winter soon, but while this warmer weather is here I am going to enjoy it.
Speaking of enjoying one's self I have yet another a picture of Lucy being Lucy. lol... This picture was actually taken last year shortly after we purchased Jerry a Blu-ray Dics player. Lucy became very attached to our old DVD player when she discovered that the door would open all by it's self (it has a remote control) and she would play with it until she got sleepy. Then she would lay down to take a quick catnap while the machine was still warm. We don't use it anymore as it was going bad and that is why we bought the Blu-ray in the first place. Jerry being the softy that he is at times has put the DVD player on the floor and now she can play with it whenever he feels like playing with her. She still loves to lounge on it even when it isn't warm.

Well that's all I have today. I have some things to share with you next week. So I had better get going and get everything done. Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow.

Hugs, Lisa G


Amanda R said...

I wish I was as easily amused as our cats are! My Lucy loves to play with the plastic rings from off of gallon milk jugs. I swear we must have a dozen laying around. But at least it is cheap entertainment!

Amy said...

I love your Sundays with Lucy, they always make me chuckle! :)
Enjoy the sunshine, you know I am!