Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary.....

Hi guys.
     I am finally back!  It would seem that my Internet company has finally decided to fix our problem.  I could not believe that they did not give us so much as a one day's notice before  they started to do the work they needed to do.  You can believe that I was able to get the weeks worth of no web credited to my account.  lol...Sorry, it cost enough when I do get to use it that I just don't think it is fair to pay for something you don't get to use.  Anyway, I was able to go up to my Mom and Dad's to use their wireless, but I don't get that much spare time to head over there.  :O(   I however won't go on and on  as I am finally Happy once again.   So I am going to try to get to everyone's blogs this weekend after work tomorrow.  I truly miss talking with all of you and seeing what you have all been up to.  :D
     So before all the fiasco with my Internet I was able to pick up one of Krista Smith's wonderful stamps from Saturated Canary.  As you all know by now I just love her stamps and I just could not resist this little gal.  I am going to admit to everyone that I have been reading the 'Fifty Shades of Gray' books and when Krista made this stamp reflecting the main character in the books I just had to have her.  Everyday I keep reading and Jerry keeps listening (politely) to me tell him all about it, so I made him card that I will share with you all later. 
     However when I showed Jerry's card to my sister she asked if I could make her  a card for her Anniversary.  How could I resist?  I love coloring these girls with their huge eyes and awesome hair. 
My sister is a redhead and so I gave this gal a full head of red hair (my sister has always had super short hair) but I think she turned out great!  I tried to make the inside simple so she could write whatever she wanted to and so I made the lace on the bottom look like a garter belt.  I think it just adds to the sassy/sexy of this card.  :O)  lol...  Once again, I am sorry for the dark pictures.  Still working on that problem. 
     Well, I hope you like her.  I know my sister did and she can't wait until next month when she can give it to her Jerry. 

stamp-Greytie-SC-Krista Smith
cs-Neenah & AC Cardstock
lace & ribbon-Offray
buttons-BG (at the bottom, just can't see them)
lips-RV69 (my sister loves deep purple lipstick)


Chrissy said...

Gorgeous card Lisa,stunning image and colouring, love her glossy eyes...glad you got your internet frustrating..


Denice said...

What a fun card Lisa, love your coloring! I'm going to write down the color combo you used for this girlie's works really well!

We loose our internet for hours all the time and it randomly shuts down EVERY day...we never know when. I told my hubs that I was going to sit in a McD's parking lot with my iPad and a cup of coffee just so I could have some uninterrupted computer time, lol!

Nice to have you back in blogland.

Rachel Parys said...

Holy crap, I would've died without internet service for that long!! LOL!! You must have felt completely cut-off from the world!

She is super sexy! I thought about buying her, but then I wondered how often I would really get to use her. I know she's going to end up in my collection. Great job with this, the guys are going to love her!

Amanda R said...

Great idea for the lace and garter belt embellishment! And I love her red hair, it isn't too red but definitely not brown. I read all 3 books but my hubby didn't get a darn thing!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh my I just LOVE her Lisa!!~ Happy Sunday!!~

mousekemom said...

OMG, Lisa! That is just too much! I have to go check that one never did tell me what you thought about the book. Hugs, April