Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some kind of...

A very happy Monday morning to you all...
     Did you have a great weekend?  I didn't have to work, but boy oh boy the last two days just flew by.  We started off Saturday morning at 5am to go for a walk as the sun was just coming up and the weather felt really nice. It wasn't even close to getting too hot yet.  YAY!  We all put on our walking clothes grabbed our Ipods only to open the front door to big fat rain drops.  I am not kidding, it had only been about 10 minutes since we had been outside to see how good it felt and then it was raining!  At that point we decided it was only water and might be fun to just walk anyway.  It just felt so good outside and so fresh with the rain.  Well, as fate would have it just as I was putting everyones' Ipods in the house I caught sight of the first bolt of lighting from the exact direction we were going to walk.. Needless to say we did not go walking this weekend,  Saturday or Sunday.  We decided to sleep in until 7am on Sunday and not worry about the heat or the rain.  I was really bummed, but I think secretly the M&Ms were pretty happy with the rain for the first time in their lives.  
     I did however get a few cards made and pretty much just had a fun weekend with Jerry and the M&Ms.   I even ended up taking a two hour nap with Madison as if felt so good without the heat from outside.  I usually hate naps, but sometime you just have to go with it. 
     I am trying to get caught up with everyone's blogs as I have been so bad about commenting lately.  So I am so sorry everyone.  I will strive to be better.  lol

I was going for an artsy feel, so I left the smudge in and did the lines by hand and didn't want them to look straight.  It was
fun to do, but a bit unnerving for me.  lol

Same goes with my bird. Artsy...  :O)

 So let me get to my card for today.  I took Madison to get her hair cut last week and we stopped in at our Big Lots.  I don't know if I have complained about the lack of crafting deals at our store, but let's just say that it is so not what I thought it was going to be like. I was under the impression from everyone's YouTube videos that Big Lots always had such great scrapbooking/stamps and card making goodies.  So as I was saying, we went there to just pick up some paper towels on our way home (easier than Walmart when I don't feel like shopping) and I checked in the craft aisle as I have since this last November when they first opened.  Much to my extreme SURPRISE they had a few stamps there from Hampton Art and they were priced at $1 to $1.50 depending on the size.  I was so shocked, so I bought about $8 worth of them.   Today's card I made with this cute little bird that also had a second stamp with it for $1.50.   I happened to have paid $3.00 on sale at Michaels this last March for a set much like this one, so I was pretty happy with my purchases.   I guess I was so excited that it put me in a weird mood. 
     You can see that I went with a much more relaxed look to this card and I hand drew in the lines around the card to made it look more like the bird was drawn.  I really just had fun and didn't worry about everything being lined up or drawn straight.  In fact I left the mattes off kilter on purpose.  lol
     Ok guys, my computer still won't let me load my pictures and I am once again on my laptop so I am worn out due to the stress I put upon myself to get my computer to work before I just give in and use my laptop.  Hey, I'm Italian/Polish Catholic- I am stubborn and won't give in without a fight but I due tend to feel bad about it later.  lmao...
     Have an awesome Monday and I will talk to you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G
Oh by the way welcome to my new follower.  Thanks so much for joining and I hope you all come back soon as I am trying to get back to my daily posts and not be lazy.

stamps-ditto-Hampton Art
cs-Neenha & AC Cardstock
dp-Summer's End-fancypantsdesigns
pearls-Basics by Kaisercraft
Smash pen-black
Memento Ink-Tuxedo Black & Potter's Clay
Spellbinders-classic squares small
Copic Markers:


Chrissy said...

I love your little bird card lisa, he is the lines drawn around the edge, and the matts off the edge, so to speak...awesome card..


Rachel Parys said...

He he, so cute! Great little card!!

Leigh said...

Looks great Lisa, glad you had a fantastic weekend. Mine consisted of a nap too! We needed a break from all that heat.

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohh this is so CUTE!!~

Amanda R said...

Blogger keeps eating my messages! I LOVE your doodling, it looks awesome! Definitely very artsy. And my Big Lots (I have two of them close by) are crummy when it comes to supplies too, I never even bother to go back anymore. Hugs!