Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Olympic Pawpaw Razzi...

Good morning to you all. 
     While you might be busy watching all the wonderful athletes play in the Olympic games we here at Casa Gobea are busy working with the three meow-sketeers.  Yes, I must say they have been training so hard and just really working up a sweat.  I have decided to show just a couple of the pictures that the Pawpaw Razzi was able to snap during this rigorous time.  :O) 
     Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Hugs, Lisa G

So so tired....

I know it's here somewhere!


Where did he go?

Got you!!!
Always the lady!!!

No animals were harmed in these pictures.  Unless you count all the fattening treats Jerry feeds them.  lol


Chrissy said...

Gorgeous pussy cats, I miss mine so much, but cannot get another as Harry would not like that one bit...I get the olympics for free on Prime, which is an Aussie channel...and our local channel TV1 show a loy of I keep up that way..had a great weekend thanks, Monday here now...and raining and cold..blah..time for work, not a long day just a wet one.


Amanda R said...

These are hysterical Lisa! Love the kitty (Casper? I always forget his name) hiding in the box, he looks like a really playful kitty. Have a great week at work! Yes, I know that is an oxymoron.

Grace said...

omg!!! i love your black curious cat!!!
SO CUTE!!! I wish I had a kitty! =)