Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...

Hi guys.
     First let me just say "TGIF"!   I can not even begin to tell you what busy week it was at work.  OMWord,  I am so so happy that I have this weekend off and as I am getting a cold I am really not planing on doing too much.  lol..
     I am even considering taking my shower and then putting back on my comfy PJ's.  :O)  Our weather has been so cold and I can't think of a better way to spend a very cold day but in my house with my family while we all just snuggle in and watch a good movie.  Of course we'll have to all agree on the movie and I have to tell you that seems to be getting harder everyday.  lol...
     So, let's get to my card.  I actually colored this adorable Tiddly Ink's stamp last Saturday and had the outside of the card almost completely done when Jerry was nice enough to tell me that Downton Abbey was starting at 8pm and not at 9pm as I thought it was suppose to.  Due to the fact that  he gave me  this info at 7:58pm and I have to confess that this poor little card has been sitting on my desk every since.  :O)  I am not kidding when I tell you that it was SUPER BUSY WEEK! 
     I hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk at you tomorrow if everything goes like I plan.  Wish me luck. 
     One last thing before I head off to bed.  Is anyone else having problems with loading their pictures the old fashion way.  I have had to download Picasa on my laptop and I can not seem to get the hang of this!  I so need help!  :O(  It has taken my over an hour just to load my pictures, and then the stupid thing deleted my pictures of Loki on m Pawpaw-Razzie blog.  Grrrr.... I am not even going to try and fix that tonight as my patience and good humor has run out the front door.  lmbo

Hugs, Lisa G




Sue - bearhouse said...

This is gorgeous Lisa, I love the sweet image and you have coloured her so beautifully. The papers and layout are fabulous.
Sorry I cannot help you with loading your pictures, I know lots of people are having similar problems.
I hope you have a good weekend and a chance to relax after your busy week
Hugs Sue

Mary J said...

I hope you sort out your picture loading issue soon! I've also heard others are having a similar problem.

I love this card Lisa - inside and out!

Nancy Thomas said...

Very cute image and you colored her up so pretty. Fun and sweet card.

Mary J said...

Hey Lisa - me again! Re: your question, my full name is Mary Johnson and used Mary J to differentiate myself as there are so many Mary's out there! Of course my friends can call me Mary - so go ahead and call me that! Others just like to call me Mary J anyway - I don't mind either way but you are most welcome to call me Mary!

Hope your weekend is going well and hope you sort out your picture prob too!!


Anonymous said...
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Denice said...

OMWord...Wyrn is ridiculously adorable! LOVE this!!!!

I couldn't (and am still unable) to upload pics through internet explorer...but once I switched to google chrome my problems went away. Hope you solve your problem soon!

Amy said...

Super cute card, Lisa! I love the typewriter on the inside, such a cool touch!
I haven't had any problems loading my pictures on blogger, so I'm no help to you.
We are at 7 degrees right now and like you I'm all for snuggling on the couch! Keep warm and enjoy your weekend!

Grace said...

omg!!! i love the little typewriter in the inside of you card! so cute!

Rachel Parys said...

Very sweet! Way to get a jump on Valentine's day!! Just got a few new TI's, need to crack those babies open!

Lisa said...

This turned out really awesome, Lisa!!! Too darn cute!

Amanda R said...

How cute is that darn typewriter and I love how you stamped on the image and the banner both with your sentiment. You rock! And it is cold here and suppose to get even worse, sigh.