Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simple storage solution...

Good morning all.
     I was shopping at Staples before Christmas and I found these awesome heavy duty secure-top sheet protectors by Martha Stewart.   They come in three different styles, all in the basic 8 & 1/2 by 11 sheet protector size.   You can choose between the full sheet, the two pocket- divided in half horizontally or the one that is divided into four pockets.  These protectors come 10 sheets to a packet and I don't think I paid over $4.00 per pack.  :O)   You can see that I don't have a ton of  Lawn Fawn stamps (yet), but I have to tell you that I love how well these protectors work with the stamps.
      All I did was use a little adhesive to put the plastic backing onto the paper insert of the stamps.  All I do is pull out whatever stamp set I want and the sheet and the name of the set is all right there for easy use.   I just love how organized they came out and when I get all the new ones that are coming out from CHA I am going to be so happy!   I might even have to take more pictures of my collection.  :O)    I haven't decided if  I am going to use my label maker to put the name of the sets on each cover-top, but I did include one that made to show you how it would look.   One of the things I love about Lawn Fawn stamps is that every set has the name written on the protector.  However I might just label the page protector just so that I can alphabetize them and then put them away with ease at the end of a project or card. lol... What do you think.
     I have wanted to share my idea for how I decided to store my Lawn Fawn stamps, but I haven't really put too much thought into it until I was hopping along this weekend and came across Grace's blog post.  I always love to visit Grace's blog to see what she is making, but on January 4th she shared all of her Wonderful stamps and how she stores them... Part of Graces' post was the question of how do you store yours?  Well Grace, and everyone else..... Here is my idea.  So guys, how do you store your stamps?   I would love to see what you guys do for your stamp storage.
     Have a wonderful day everyone and I will talk at you later.
Hugs,  Lisa G

Simple  D-ring binder. (Still need to decorate it)

Inside pocket for book or orders placed.  :O)

I use the 4 pockets for small sets. 

I love these pockets for the big sets.  

This shows the back side of my pocket.  I store my  mask behind the stamp so I don't have to remake one when I need it. 

Love how the alphas work in these page protectors. 

This is how they look at the
store in case you wanted to find them.  :O)

These really work great to keep them
in the pockets. 


Rachel Parys said...

Ahhhh, always thinking, aren't ya!!! That's a super idea!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

Mary J said...

Thanks for sharing, honey! Storage is always evolving in my craft room!

Cristina said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your comments on my blog during PTI's release week! You are awesome! :)

Denice said...

What a clever idea!

My stamps are in need of some organization...where to start, where to start?!! LOL!


Grace said...

What a great idea !!!!
I can't wait to try this at home!!! :)

Amanda R said...

Great idea Lisa! I really don't have a good storage system for my clear stamps but this just might work! Your organizing services are available also right?

Stamping Cafe said...

Great idea, thank you for sharing!