Sunday, January 13, 2013

No card Sunday...

Hi guys,
     I hope you have all been enjoying your weekend so far.  I didn't end up making any cards yesterday, but I did manage to get groceries bought for the week to come and now I can spend today getting my craft desk back in order and hopefully get some crafty time in.
     We had a very cold day yesterday and today looks to be more of the same.  Oh well it does look really pretty with all the sunshine, so I just pretend that it is nice and warm out while I sit in my cozy house. :O)
     Last night my youngest asked me if we could check out this web sight called  webcamtoy and play around with it for a little while.  I am always very hesitant to use anything other than my blog that might endanger my kids, but as this is a site that they use at school (don't ask me why) I decided that I would chance it and once I got the setting so that I trusted everything it really turned out to be a very fun and addicting time.  lol... We took so many pictures of us playing around.  I finally decided on just a handful to share with you all.  
      I am sure that by now you have all realized that I don't really like to be in front of a camera, but as this was fun and the pictures are more for the fun of it than for any kind of serious kind of photo shoot I decided to be brave and put you through the horror of my pictures with my adorable daughter.   Yes, we were in the bedroom with blankets and from time to time a cat or two.  Because it is so cold we actually have blankets over our windows to help keep the heat in even more than normal.  So please don't mind our mess, just trying to stay warm.  :O)   If you have a laptop or a PC with a camera on it and have little ones or even teenagers in your house I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day and head over to webcamtoy.  I assure you that you will not be disappointed!   :O)
     Well that's it for me today.  Have to get my crafty on now.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.
Hugs, Lisa

The snow effect.  Love this one.

Vintage photo.



Amy said...

Fun pics, looks like a very cool site!
It was 3 degrees this morning when I got up, just too cold to do anything but stay inside and craft! Hopefully it will start to warm up some for us!

Lisa said...

Haha... This is so fun! You guys are so cute... Love the pics.

Denice said...

So cute....I love all of the pictures of the 2 pretty girls!

I'm glad my tip help you post pictures. I had to go on FB and ask for help myself, I was stumped too!


Mary J said...

I hate my photo being taken too, Lisa! But these looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Have a lovely week honey!

Amanda R said...

I hate my photo being taken too Lisa, in my mind I am sure I look like a supermodel but darn it never looks that way on camera! Love the fun photos but I wanna see what your hubby looks like, you have never shown him except his feet!