Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hi everyone. Well I have been trying to decide for quite sometime now if I was going to try to make a Sprout for the Design My Sprout contest. I made a couple and my 11 year old made a couple and pretty much have let them just sit. Well tonight I got to thinking that you can't win the lottery if you don't play ( I never play). So, YES you guessed it I finally decided to just put them in. They are not in dark outline and they are not even colored. However I actually did it and I put them in and I even let me daughter put one of hers there also. I want her to learn to try for everything that she wants.....Lead by example right?/ I am Well here are the pictures for you to see. Yes they are very raw, but fun anyway. Hope you have a great evening, Lisa G.
They are K.D. the Kid,Rosalee the flapper and Cleo (made by my daugher)


Amy said...

I'm glad you decided to join the fun of the Sprout contest! You have some really great ideas there! And tell your daughter that I love her Cleo! :)

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh so fun!!

Anonymous said...

W0W!!!! Those are great. I knew you could do it. No, I am not prejudice.....I am just your Mother!!! And Mother knows talent when she sees it. I love Cleo, keep it going Granddaughter!!!!!