Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I can not believe that it is September 1st. I have to hurry this morning as the kids have orientation today from 8 to 12. Boy are my quiet mornings going to be a thing of the past. Not that I mind having my babies up and around me, but my Daughter seems to still like my help to some degree when getting her hair just combed and other things. So my quiet mornings are going to be filled with Mom can you help me with this and Mom where is that shirt that you know I had to have this morning but did not tell you about last night when you asked if everything that I wanted to wear was ready to go ? lol......I love having my kids, otherwise it would just be boring and I would have no reason for these grey hairs that are popping up......
Have an awesome September day and I promise I will get my new card up either tonight or tomorrow morning. Lisa G

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