Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hi guys, I just had to share my wild and wacky Saturday with you. I have been looking for the longest time for the Making Memories desk top carousel and have had absolutely no luck at all. Friday night I decided that I was going to find it online if it took me all night to check each and everyone of the sites that google suggested. Well, I did stay up until about 1:30am before I gave it up. However, Sharon from smscrapperdesigns had mentioned to me that she had purchased hers from Michael's... That's when it hit me that my wonderful Sister-in-law works at Michael's in the city that she lives in. So I emailed her and sent her a picture to see if she knew if they stocked them at her store.
What can I say, I have the best Sister-in-law ever! Not only did her and my Brother call me at work this morning to see if I wanted it they also came down to see our Great Nephew that was born last month so they brought it to me. Can you see my very big smile? I am just so happy. It is not the Making Memories one, but it is the one that Michael's stocks and it is fabulous. So, if you are looking to get one of these awesome storage units you can check them out at Michael's. They are called a Revolving Organizer and they are made by Jet max. They run about $40., but with a coupon when they are not on sale you can get them for about $20.
Oh, by the way if some of the cubbies are too deep for you I did see on youtube were this lady put cotton balls in the bottom. I am here to say "It works GREAT!" I am sorry, I don't know who the lady was. But thank you if you are that lady. Great idea.
Ok guys I won't keep you any longer. I just wanted to share with you all and to give my Brother and my Sister-in-law a very big THANK YOU, and I love you guys. So, hugs to everyone. I will talk at you later.
Lisa G


Angela said...

Lisa, everytime I go to Michaels I pick one of these boxes up but I alwasy end up putting it back. Don't ask me why I do that I as I ahve been wanting one forever. I do have 8 of the cubed boxes the hold paper and have drawers made by this company. I love them but I still need a bigger area to buy more!!
I bet you are excited and I hope your weekend is going great.

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohhh AWESOME have FUN with it.

Amy said...

I think this one looks better than the Making Memories one, more room to put stuff! :) I love organizing especially when you get a new storage container! It sounds like your brother and sister-in-law are just as wonderful as you are! Enjoy the day!

Sharon said...

So happy you got it!

Kim Y. said...

I was tempted to get one of these every time I go to Michael's. But I am like Angela, always ended up putting it back. I put my in pencil holders. Great buy!