Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hi guys.
If you are looking for the Tickled Pink Blog Hop Post please see the previous post... This is just a quick one for a little inspiration on how I store some of my supplies in my crafting space. You see my craft (room) is actually the far corner of our living room. My DH bought me an L shaped desk last Spring and I have that butted up to the corner wall. Don't get me wrong, I love my craft table and I love that I can be in the living room with my family and still get my crafting done. heehee
However because I basically have a table with storage one the top of part of it and tons of storage boxes at my feet I have had to come up with crafty (pun intended) ways of storing some of the things that I use or just want at my fingertips. So, with that being said let me show you all my little secret of how I store my glitter (that I have yet to use) and made a home made photo tent/box to take my pictures with. I also want to share with you how I store my Stickles. I used to have them in a drawer to my left, but they were always falling down and I didn't like that they were standing up. I always had to get out a pin before I could use them. Now I just have to grab which one I want. The vase is slim enough that it just sit beside my computer screen out of the way until I need it.
Thank you for letting me share this little bit of me. I hope you all had a great Halloween and enjoyed the Tickled Pink Birthday Blog Hop... If you haven't finished it yet you can see my card in the post below. I will talk at you tomorrow. Until then have a great night.
Hugs, Lisa G

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Amy said...

Oh, you are very tricky with your storage, Lisa! Love how you've hidden away all the glitter as the base for your box, very cool! The vase for the stickles is very clever, and pretty too!;) Thanks for sharing all these tricks!