Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi guys.
Just a super quick post this morning. We are in the middle of a blizzard and we have been getting snow since yesterday around 1pm. It is so super duper cold here and with the 30 mph winds it is about -6 degrees out there. The kids have no school today due to the weather, but I am heading out the door very soon. My DH has been outside shoveling and starting my car since about 6am. Oh well, off to work I go. At least it is a new Glee tonight. Kurt's Dad is getting married, or at least that is what the previews lead you to believe. We'll see! :O)
Have a super warm and safe Tuesday.
Hugs, Lisa G


Larisa said...

We are in winter here too))) But we have not so much snow yet... Though the weather forecasters are forecasting it to be snowing here almost daily!1
Love the white winter!~ )))

Amy said...

Brrrrr is right! At least we don't have the winds that you guys get there!
Nice that your kids get to start Thanksgiving vacation early, I'm sure they were sad school was cancelled today! ;)

Angela said...

Soooooo glad it's you and not me getting all that white stuff. It was about 75 here in Tennessee today. We ahd alot of winds not much sun light either but it felt great outside. But that's not going to last as we are suppose to start having temps. in hte low 20's at night so it looks as if our warm days are over.
Keep warm and be safe. I hate driving in that stuff, but I guess you are use to it!!