Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi guys.
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you all have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving. I also wish that I had some fantastic card to share today, but alas that is not the case. We have been having power surges since yesterday (I am not complaining as some parts of town were out of power for over 4 hours.) and I decided to just shut down my computer. On top of that I have also been so busy at work and getting ready for this weekends blog hop that I don't have a even a simple little card made. So I decided to do the next best thing and share a picture of our family's favorite holiday picture. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. We have always enjoyed the Peanuts gang and now our kids do too. heehee... We are however in the middle of a Heat Wave today. We are actually at 20 degrees right now! Yay! Are you one of those Black Friday shoppers? I don't usually shop the deals, but OMG... there are some awesome crafting deals out there. I work tomorrow, so my money is safe. lmbo... OK, Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Lisa G


Amy said...

I love Snoopy and the gang, they know how to do holidays! :)
That is a heat wave, they are predicting snow today and tomorrow for us, I think I'll stay inside and make cards! I hope you get time to make your cards for the hop this weekend!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Angela said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!! I hope you and your family had a good one. So glad I don't have to work on Black Friday. I always need the rest and that's the day me and the kids put up our Christmas tree. Well at least the tree gets up, it may not be decorated yet!! hehe!!