Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi guys.
Thanks for everything yesterday. I am not going to post a card this morning as I have three posts for tonight TGF blog hop at 5pm our time, and it took me two hours last night to get all of my pictures loaded. I am sure that blogger was just a little overloaded with everyone's cards and projects. heehee I am so excited, I can not wait to see everyone's blogs.
I do have to mention that yesterday turned out to be a good day. It is always hard to say goodbye to someone you love. My children are like me. They love their relatives so much and with parts of the family that live in different states it was very special to be able to spend time with them all. With that being said I have decided to share a picture with you of my two children (I am sure you know what they look like.) and my two nieces that are Jerry's Sister's two girls. Norma and Dale have a very handsome Son as well, but he was not able to be here. (Hi Justin. We missed you.) I think you will agree that they are all very beautiful. Notice also all those dimples? Yeah, that's from Jerry's side of the family... All four of them have very black eyes and long eyelashes...I wish I could say the same... heehee They are all heading back to Arizona, Illinois, New York and PA. today, so I am keeping them all in my heart that they all get home safely. We will miss them terribly.
Have a wonderful day and hopefully I will see you back here tonight for the big hop!
Hugs, Lisa G


Cindy Haffner said...

BEAUTIFUL pics!!!!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures Lisa, I love all their dimples! I just want to pinch Madison and Mitchell's cute little cheeks!
We've been having snow since yesterday evening so I'll be glad to get home tonight,get cozy and do the TGF hop! :)

Vee said...

You have a very attractive family. Dimples get me everytime. I have a nephew who has potholes where his cheeks should be. I love to see him smile also.