Sunday, June 19, 2011


We had run a rub full of water to test out our new thermometer for the pool and Lucy was busy laying on the side of the tub watching.  She loves water and has no problem with it.  Jerry just had to dump water on her back.  She let him and when I saw how wet she was I had to cuddle her and dry her off.  Poor baby I think she let him just so she could snuggle. lol...

Anytime the kids have their backpacks out for school Lucy just has to crawl
in them.  This was taken the last day of school before they left.  

Good morning everyone.  
I have to start off today by wishing all those wonderful Fathers, Husbands, Brothers and Uncles Happy Father's Day!  I am not going to be showing my Father's Day cards as both my Dad and my DH read my blog so I can't spill the beans.  I guess I will just have to make a post about them later on this coming week.  
Well as you all know by now,  not only is it today Father's Day but it is Sunday  and that means Sundays with Lucy and my Mother called my yesterday to let me know that there had better be a Lucy post today.    So,  being the wonderful daughter that I have always been.  lol...Here you are Mom! 
I hope you all have a Happy Father's Day  and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs,   Lisa G


My Dollies 3 said...

Do you remember Sweetpea, the cat we had when you were little? She loved water too! I am glad that you are still listening to your Mom, and doing what you're told. I bet I am not the only one who enjoys "Sundays with Lucy" Love ya, Mom. Oh, you were a wonderful daughter and still are.

Amy said...

Happy Father's Day to your Dad and Jerry!
If all cat's had as much character as Lucy I think everyone would be a cat person! I'm with your Mom, I enjoy Sundays with Lucy, keep them coming! :)
You know, I can't picture you ever giving your parents any trouble when you were growing up, I think you were always a sweetie!

Chrissy said...

Well of course she was.....thats what her parents think eh! She would have been a charmer, can spot them a mile away.Love sundays with Lucy too.