Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is under my desk and I keep my headphone there so that I can listen to my Glee when I am crafting without bothering Jerry's TV time.  Notice the trash can and the stamps on my shelf?  This is my storage unit as well.

Poor Lucy can't get away from the camera even when she tucked away.  Usually she is on my desk somewhere in my way.  I didn't even know she was there. 
Good morning everyone. 
I am sad to say that I don't have a card, a tag or even a little book marker to share with you today.  Even though I have a busy work week I still have to come home and go grocery shopping and help both of the M&Ms with their last BIG project for the year.  As you can see that didn't leave much ME time last night for me to get anything done.  :O(   I am hope that after work today I can at least get my friend's card done.  I mean come on it's just a little stamp (already colored) and all I have to do is pick out some paper to use on it and it should be done.  lol.... I guess we'll see.  
Well, I did manage to catch a couple of snap shots of Lucy last night before we all headed to bed.  I was just getting ready to shut down my computer when I looked down and there she was sitting on my computer tower.  As you can see she was sleeping until I started to take her picture then she gave me the "Oh please just let me sleep" look of hers.  lol...
Ok, I better get to it.  I hope you all have an awesome day.  Talk to you later.
Hugs,  Lisa G


Amy said...

The end of the school year always is a busy time, but they'll be done with another school year soon! I can't believe it's gone by so fast!
Lucy is such a character, these days Oreo is outside most the time...he loves it out there!
Hope you have a great day and maybe get some crafting time in tonight! :)

Danni said...

I always like seeing photos of Lucy!! She looks like such a great cat!