Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hi guys, 
I know it is Saturday and I usually don't get a post up, but I just wanted to share some AWESOME pictures of Tim McGraw that my friend took while at his concert this last weekend.  I didn't go, but now I soooo wish I had.  She bought me his number one hits Cd for my Birthday last month and I really hadn't gotten a chance to listen to it until last week.  OMWord!  I am obsessed!  lol....
We had a lot of fun making poster boards for her to take with her, and she actually got his autograph on two of them.   I don't know about you, but it sure sounds like fun to me.   
Well off to work I go.  I hope you enjoy Debbie's wonderful eye candy as much as I have.  
Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G
One of Debbie's favorite pictures.  She loves the clouds in the background.  It was an outside concert. 

He was signing her I'd stand in line poster.  :O)

This is what he did after he read and signed Debbie's Bufflo Briefs Poster.  He is just too cute!

WOW, she had great seats for the show.  lol..


Amy said...

Wow, she did have great seats and a good camera...those pics are awesome! Did you know that Tim and Faith have a house on the Columbia River down from Chelan Falls on the Douglas County side? I wonder if he stayed there after the concert? ;)

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

I am a huge Tim and Faith fan adn I can truly say...WOW.... love it and what a fantastic sign!