Sunday, June 5, 2011


Good morning everyone. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  We had a great Sunny and very hot (82 degrees) day yesterday, so we were able to spend most of the day working on our backyard and the pool... I just love the feeling you get when you are able to get a project done just like you pictured it.  lol...
So, I know that I put up a video of Lucy on Friday however she has been up to a lot this weekend so I felt the need to share her again.   I'm not sure if you remember that she has her own DVD player (it broke on us a long time ago) and she loves to play with the part that comes out when you hit the open key on the remote.  Well,  on Thursday when Madison and her friend were trying to record a commercial for school Madison ran into the DVD player and broke it.  So yesterday evening Jerry sat down on the floor and took it apart so that he could fix it for her.  As you can see Lucy felt the need to make sure that he was doing the job right.  lol...  She is so funny as she sat there an watched him until he plugged it in again and it worked.  Crazy cat!
Ok guys,  I did get all 35 invitations done so I am going to try to get some other cards made today until my friend comes over and I help her make boards to take with her to Tim McGraw's concert that she is headed to in mid June. 
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Hugs,  Lisa G

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Amy said...

She is very intent on watching Jerry! I can imagine if he would have made a wrong move she would have taken her paw and batted his hand! Lucy is a treasure! :)