Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris !!!

Good morning everyone.
     This is going to be a none picture post as I was SUPER busy this weekend and I have also been really obsessed with working on my SMASH/Copic info book.  I'll have pictures of that later this week.  lol...
     I did however want to wish my Sister a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY , as today is her 49th Birthday!  Sorry Chris on this here blog we share our ages and that only means that you are getting better line wine.  lmbo.....We were born exactly 3 years and two week apart, so growing up we used to spend a lot of our time with each other and mutual friends.  (Sometimes to Chris' irritation!)...  As close sisters can be there were times when we didn't get along so very much.  I know, your totally shocked.  Did I mention that Chris is a redhead?  Well she is and we do not look anything a like.  As kids Chris was the redhead and I was the brunette and our baby brother (almost 39) was a blond.  Dad used to tell us that Chris was the mailman's and I was the milkman's.  You just have to trust our weird sense of humor.  lol... He also told me that I was part Indian and Chris wasn't.  That made me very Happy at the time and very upset when I found out it was a fib. 
     So, getting back on track as a redhead there were times when Chris would make me so mad that I would tell her they should call her an orange head.  That of course would really get to her which at the time I would be very satisfied with.  So when Chris was having her first son we would joke and say if that Baby came out as a boy with red hair we would put him back in and let him brown up a little more.  Well it was a boy (my first Nephew and my Baby) he was a redhead and you would have thought the whole thing was my idea.  Now I have my first Nephew that is a redhead and my last Nephew(my Brother's Son) who is a redhead as well.  Needless to say I have totally changed how I think of all those orange headed people (lmbo) and I have my Sister to thank for that.  
     I love you Chris and I hope that you have the best Birthday!  I am not sharing a picture of your card as peaking is not allowed around here.  lol... You just have to wait! 
     Ok guys, if you have hung in there for all of my reminiscing I hope you have the time to wish my big sis a Happy Birthday as well.   Have a great day and I will talk to you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

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