Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Shelf for bling and things...

Hi guys,
     I hope that you are all having a great weekend.  We are getting ready to hit Walmart this early morning in order to stock up on groceries before Monday night when everyone in town is out shopping.  lol.. We go early so that we don't have to deal with too many people.  Sometimes it works, and other times not at all.  ;o}  Jerry just doesn't like to be there when all the checkers are tired and their are 5 or more people pushing around in the aisles. 
     I though however that I would share a little of what I have been doing around my crafting corner while my crafting mojo has been  on vacation.  This totally happened by accident last week when I was in Staples picking up some printer ink.  I always love to do a little retail therapy while I am there.  Most times I don't purchase too much, but this time I noticed that they had this adorable white shelf system for $10 (it does come in black as well, but I wanted it to match my Copic storage) and I got the wild idea that it would really help me to put away a few of my embellishments that I am always using but can never really find them when I need them.   The odd thing was that earlier in the day I had been at our Dollar Tree and found these really cute cardboard houses and I picked one up to see if I might be able to use it for something.  You all know how that goes.  Half the time Maddie gets it for her stuff, but when I picked up the shelf I instantly knew what I wanted to do. 

Mr. Moore Adhesive. He always has my backup
for me when I run out. 
The Pearl Family. Very sweet and always oragnized.

The Twines.  Young couple but very nice in their
starter home.
Mr. & Mrs. Gem.  You should see their house at
Christmas time.  lol

The Brads-Buttons. They are like the Brady bunch and
have a whole bunch of kids with different last names, but they
are all very well behaved and pick up after themselves.

     The very next day I ran back to the Dollar Tree to see if they had and left and realized that they came in a few different designs and sizes.  Well, what fun.  I picked up five of them and decided that I could use my label maker to put on each house so I could glance up and know what was inside.  Well, I thought most people put there names on their doormat or on a sign on the front of their houses so I went with that them.  So, in my little neighborhood of embellies we have the The Brads-Buttons family and Mr & Mrs Gem (they are very kind).  Just up the stree Mr Moore Adhesive lives by himself and some of his relatives drop in once in a while.  As he has a rather good size side yard his is very kind and lets all of the Cuttlebugs store their embossing folders there.  The newest couple to the neighborhood is The Twine family and they are just starting out, so they have a small little house just on the next corner while the Pearl Family have a very nice brick home that has been pasted down through the family. 
     As you can see it's not a big neighborhood, but it really has helped to keep everything right in my reach.  As most of you already know I don't have a craft room more like the left corner of our family room.  I miss the idea of a room all my own, but I really do love working while my kids are out here doing their things at the same time.  lol... 
    Well guys, I will leave it at that.  I was going to do a video on this, but I just couldn't  get YouTube to work for me and I was getting tired of waiting, so we are going to go with a blog post.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to drop by.  It really means a lot to me and I am hoping to get a few more cards up and running this week to share with you all. 
Have a wonderful Sunday, and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Rachel Parys said...

Great idea! I love being super organized too, saves you time! Cute little houses!!

faithnme said...

Lisa I LOVE it.. wow YOUR space is just too cute... great idea with the doll houses..

Michellena317 said...

so cute and functional too! Very creative.

Amanda R said...

Lisa this is just nothing short of awesome! I am always looking for cute storage ideas and this is at the top. Might have to go and see if my dollar store has these!

Amy said...

Welcome to the craftiest neighborhood I've ever seen, LOL! This may just be the coolest storage system that I've ever scene and I'm sure that it creates all sorts of inspiration for you while you are crafting! :)