Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Good morning everyone. 
     I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Father's Day.
Happy Father's Day, Dad!  Love you....

     As you all know I could not wait to share the pictures of both my Dad's card or Jerry's, so I don't have a card to share today.
     When I got up this morning I decided to put some of my pictures on disc. so that I could clear up some computer memory and ran across all the M&Ms' first day of school pictures.  lol... I just had to share them with you.  With the exception of one photo out of the hundreds that I have of my babies Madison is always standing on the right hand side of Mitchell.  I find that very interesting.  I also want to note, that in the last picture that I took right before graduation two weeks ago it looks like Maddie has finally caught up with Mitchell when it comes to height, but  "no" it is 4 inch heels that she is quite adapt at wearing,  even to school..  lol... Her Godmother wears heels all the time and Madison decided that was a perfect solution to her problem and she has been wearing them ever since this last fall.  She is very proud to say that she can even run in them much like her Godmother.  :O)
     Can you tell that Madison doesn't really like being short?   
September 2009  So young, and so serious!

Sept. 2010 Goofing around as I was complaining about them not smiling at first.
Aug. 2011  Ahh a nice summer spent in the pool.  Look at that glow to them both. Yes, they do wear their
sunscreen, but they are very much like their Mom and Dad.  lol
June 2012  This is the first year that Mitchell decided jeans and slacks were more his style. 
He wasn't so sure about tucking in his shirt, but it was for Graduation, so I made him. 


Rachel Parys said...

How sweet! Isn't it scary to see how much they have grown just over that short time period!

Chrissy said...

Happy Fathers Day Jerry...
Went through all your posts as I have been away, and lovely cards and storage and photos of the kids, all fabulous..I do love the houses and such s great idea for using glossy accents is always hiding and glitter has gone forever, down the back of my desk..glad to be back, hate missing out on things..hope you are all well and happy..


Amy said...

Awww... what a wonderful post to do for Father's Day! It's amazing to see how much the M&Ms have grown in just a few short years. You have a lot to be proud of with those two! :)