Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hi guys.
     Wow, I sure hope you all had a great week.  We were so busy at work and it is so HOT here that by the time I got home each night I didn't even feel like eating let alone making a card to share.
      Thankfully, I just got done with work and I have the next two days off so I can not wait to get some crafty time in.  That of course is after the family and I sit down and finally watch the latest Star Trek movie.  Madison is a huge fan of  Benedict Cumberbatch and Jerry is a Trekkie big time,  so we are popping the popcorn and getting ready to enjoy the movie.
     I just wanted to stop in and say Hi to everyone real quick and share a little picture and story with you.      Jerry and I were picking up some stuff at Walmart when I came across a cute little dog sweater that had these skulls on them.  lol... Well, little Miss Madison is a fan of skulls and as Casper is technically her cat we surprised her (and Casper) with it. lmbo... Sorry, it is just too funny and he is such a good cat. He let us put it on and then he just dropped down on the floor and sat there looking at me.
     The sweater has since been taken off and everyone is happy once again, but the look of our cute Casper gave me the idea to make up a few Halloween cards this next week.
     Soooooo Welcome to my Halloween Card Series.  It may be one card, it may be ten.  At this point I really don't know.  I just hope you enjoy them.   Until then have a great day everyone and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

Casper didn't think that the idea of a sweater in 90 degree weather was that great.  lol...
Yes, we have  air conditioning and it was only on for as long as it took to get my camera and a picture. 


Chrissy said... cute Lisa,cant see Harry wearing a coat, but he does wear sunglases and a cool..


Chrissy said...

Oh! YAY!!!! took away that moderation thingy..I have to have three goes sometimes to get it

Luv CHRISSYxx[again]...

Kit said...

haha I love the coat :)
We have recently purchased a bow tie for our cat on Etsy and I have uploaded some pictures of him. He seems to love it!

Amy said...

Haha! That pic of Casper makes me LOL, he looks like one tough kitty! ;)
Did you guys love the newest Star Trek movie? I read online that a lot of die hard Trekkies were not big fans of it but I LOVED it. :)

Can't wait to see the Halloween cards you are working on Lisa.