Sunday, May 15, 2011


No,  that's not SpiderCat!

Good morning everyone. 
I hope that you are all having a great weekend so far.  I can't believe that it is Sunday already.  Is it me or is this year flying bye?  WOW!  Yesterday was a rainy day, but I really enjoyed the showers and the gray day.  It kind of felt like fall.  I don't mind rainy days as long as they don't last too long.  lol... It is suppose to rain again today and then head back into a week of sunshine and very warm weather.  I have to start my post off today by wishing my Sister-in-law Kara,  a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
As you know I have been making Sundays the day to talk about our silly cat Lucy.  Today is no exception.  I have some crazy pictures of Lucy from Friday night after our company went home. First I have to tell you a little something about when Lucy was a kitten (we got her in April 2009 and she weighed 3lbs.)  That summer she really enjoyed it when the little gnats would come into the house anytime someone would open the front door in the evenings.  In fact she would meow so much that Jerry would lift her up to play and catch them. I'm pretty sure it started out as a way to shut her up.   Well it would seem that some things just don't change when you become a cat.  That is with the exception of their size.  lol 
These pictures are of Jerry holding Lucy up after everyone left Friday night.  He would not let me show him, so all of my pictures have been severly croped.  When Lucy started her meowing and watching the ceiling it took all of us a couple of minutes to realize what she wanted.  She is so silly.  Here she is a full grown cat and she has no problem with Jerry lifting her up and holding onto her back end just so that she can play around with some gnats.  The M&Ms and I could not stop laughing about just how silly the whole thing looked.  That is why my pictures are so fuzzy.  :O)   Sorry.  I think Jerry will have to start going to the gym so that he can bulk up if he want to continue to hold our very spoiled cat like that.  lol....
Have a super Sunday everyone and I will talk at you on Monday when we'll have a CASE that card from Tasha over at the Farm Fresh Challenge blog.  Be sure to hop over to get a chance to play and win some stamps. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Danni said...

LOL!! This cracked me up!

Chrissy said...

I had a cat who used to shoot up the curtains to get flys...yours is one spoiled cat...I could not lift

Amy said...

Oh, Lucy is such a mighty hunter! LOL! Who needs to go to the gym when you have Lucy around! Awesome pictures Lisa, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it! :)
It was rainy all day here too, it's been nice though. Hope you and your family have a great week!