Sunday, August 28, 2011


Lucy imitating my Dad's one eye "Why are you bothering me?" look.  Sorry Dad... lol...

She finally tucked under her paw and went back to sleep.

Sunday on her Daddy's lap.  Isn't he have some cute legs?  lol..
Good morning everyone. 
     I've been told that it can't just be Sundays with Lucy as our newest family member has something to say as well.  So,  I am working on a new Sunday post title...  Any suggestions?  :O) 
     So, we started our morning off by taking our longest walk so far.  We all have these pedometers that we put on our belts, but they measure steps and not miles.  We are going to see about getting one that tells us how far we have gone.  It just really makes it more interesting for us all to know how far we have walked.
     Well like I said this is suppose to be about the two crazy cats that we live with. When we got home Lucy must have really worn herself out by waiting for us to come back home as she jumped on my black wing back chair and this is how she looked.  lol.... "Please No Pictures!"  lol...   I just know that is what she was saying.  We just love this cat.  Once I started to take her picture she opened one of her eyes to give me this look that so reminds me of my Dad.  When I was growing up he could fall asleep standing on the stairs.  At one point in my life my Dad went to night school, worked full time at his Dad's construction company and then worked at a gas station on the weekends.  He also had a paper route at the same time and he would be up and out of the house by 4am.  I would try so hard to get up with him and go on his route.  Most times we I did go with him I would end up waking up about 10 minutes before it was all over.  I do however remember the wonderful sun coming up and the birds chirping while everyone else was tucked in their beds.  I can still remember the wonderful smells and sounds.  Maybe that's why I love to see the sun come up.  :O) 
    Ok I will get back on topic, which leads us to Sunday.   Yes, you are looking at her in my house.  She is sitting on her Daddy's lap while watching Lucy lay on the flour. I have to tell you that my Lucy is so good however.  She never hisses or growls at Sunday.  She just lays on the floor facing Sunday just in case.  Sunday on the other hand always makes sure she has a clear route to the front door and she will eventually get down and head to the door.  She is pretty good too, but from time to time she will still growl at Lucy from the comfort of her Daddy. 
     Well guys,  I so need to go take a shower.  Get some of this crime from our walk off of me.  I love to walk and I don't even mind the sweating part anymore,  but once I am done I am ready to hit the shower.  Hope you all have a great day.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Danni said...

I'm horrible at titles but must say, it isn't a Sunday without seeing your post about your beautiful kitty cats!
Sunday reminds me so much of a cat my Great-Grandma had, Ringo.
Have a great day!

Amy said...

Lucy cracks me up, she is such a character! Sunday is obviously a very smart cat, he looks like he picked up on who was the ol' softy of the bunch! hehehe
My brain isn't really working yet, I'm at work, but you could play off Sunday and call it 'Sunday and Lucy'. Anyway, that's all my work brain has got! ;)