Monday, August 22, 2011



This is one of the two flowers that Sharon
made and sent to me.  Isn't it great?

Good morning.
     It is already Monday.  Can you believe it?  I for one want to know where all the time has gone.  Omword.  lol....  I want to welcome some new followers to my blog.  Hi Ambrella, Sharon, Sarah Moura and Ashlee.  Welcome to my blog.  Thanks so much for becoming a follower and for the nice comments  :O)   As you all know I love reading everyone's comments and I so appreciate them all.
    Now,  I just have tell you a little something about our weekend before I get to today's card.  As you  all probably know by now we are trying to take walks at least five days a week.  Well this weekend we went on a walk both Saturday and Sunday.  Or I should say we tried to.   heehee  What that means is that each morning we get up early and feed both Lucy (inside of course, this is her house and she NEVER goes outside. lol...) and Sunday (on the front porch).  They both get some loving from us all then we head out depending on who picks where we go that day.  So, Saturday we decided so head up a totally different way and we had walked about two blocks when Madison hears a "meow" and turns to see that Sunday had followed us.  We ended up having to go home again and try all over again only to have her follow us once more.   We let her come, but as we wanted to go on a longer walk we sent her home only to have her head right back.  Needless to say our Saturday walk was cut short by about a mile after all was said and done.   When we started out yesterday she tried the same thing.  We had gotten over 3 blocks away when sure enough there she is.  Finally we ended up taking her back to the house and with a lot of complaining on my part, (Jerry didn't like my idea) all four of us had to pile in the car and drive over two blocks only to park the car and get out and start our walk.  It was a wonderful walk however.  We were able to walk to downtown and head all the way over to the M&M's Junior High and then head back.  Jerry stopped and picked up the car while the kids and I headed back home to be greeted by Sunday sitting on the front porch all happy to see us again.   I do have to admit that I am going to be sad with school starting as we will have to figure out how we are going to get our walks in without having to get up in the dark and walk at 4am. 
If anyone has a suggestion on how you walk or exercise during the winter months with a busy schedule I would love to hear it.  :O)   It has made such a difference to all four of us just to get this exercise I just don't want to loose it for any of us. 
     Ok guys, if your still here I "thank you".  I am sorry for going on.  When I was junior in High School I had good friend that was a football player and he asked me one day why I always talked in paragraphs.  lol.... Well I didn't quit know what his problem was, but as I am much older now I get it.  I am even ok with it as I don't like to talk on the phone much, but YES... I will talk your ear off in person.  Ok, ok back to my card.   While I was working on some Birthday cards for friends and family I decided that I wanted to make Jerry a simple card and of course I had to use Samantha from Krafin Kimmie Stamps.  She is just so cute and I look nothing like her,  but to Jerry I do so I knew he would appreciate her.  :O)   Anyway as I was making my card I got to looking in my drawer for the perfect accents to put with her and I knew right about that I had to use these beautiful flowers that Sharon the 'Night Owl Scrapper' or as I first met her 'SMSCRAPPER' on YouTube had made and given to me this last Christmas.  Yes, I have been hoarding them as they are so pretty.  I just felt however that they went so well here because of the fancy feathers and golden beads along with the buttons.  I just love them!  Thanks again Sharon. 
     Alright guys,  I will let you go.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.  Mine is going to be a busy one.  I have two kids that need haircuts and clothes so after work we need to head out and take care of that so that when we head over for registration on Tuesday they can show off their slimmer bodies and new hair styles in their pictures that will be in this years yearbook.  Wish me luck and a ton of patience for Jerry.  lol...
Hugs, Lisa  G

stamps-Samantha & Vavavoom-Kraftin Kimmie stamps
cs-Neenah & the Paper studio
dp-Pixie-memory box
Spellbinders-label seventeen
fluid chalk-chestnust roan-ColorBox
flowers by Sharon M-the Night Owl Scrapper
lips & lipstick-RV69-R20
shirt & shorts-RV02-RV06-YR14


Sharon said...

Vavavoom is right! That stamped image is sexyyy! Hahaha So glad you were able to use the flowers in one of your projects. Your walking story was funny! Amazing what we have to do sometimes because of our animals!

Amy said...

Gorgeous card, those beautiful flowers are so perfect with her! Amazing card!
I love reading your posts, don't ever change how you do them! When I take Duke out for his walk Oreo always comes and tags along, but since we only got out and around our field it doesn't matter.
Sorry I'm no help with how to walk in the winter. :(

Alex said...

I love how you always add a personal touch to your posts and you create some beautiful cards. Well done.
Alex x

Danni said...

Fabulous card!! and I too love your posts! Even when I can't always comment, I always read!!
I'm no help on the walking in the winter...I need to figure out how to get myself into the exercise routine!!

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous image, and yes...very sexy. Love the colouring, and those flowers are beautiful. Great card.Love your story, I had a cat did the same thing, but she always stopped at the alley before the main road, and waited till we returned fron the shops, she was a bright lass.
Thankyou for your get well wishes, I'm getting better everyday.


Amanda R said...

Those flowers are perfect so you were wise to wait to use them. I don't exercise nearly as much as I should but around here a lot of people go to the YMCA or walk at the mall. Don't know if that would help or not.

Cindy Haffner said...

WOW-ers she is so FABULOUS!!~

Denice said...

Love the image, just so ...vavavoomish! LOL! You used that image perfectly, and there's nothing like a handmade flower to give it a special touch. Love it Lisa!