Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Spy Day on FFF Challenge Blog...

Good morning everyone. 
     I am going to keep this short and simple as I still have to get through work today and my cold/(I have no clue what this is) is back and having a field day in my chest and throat.  To say the least I am feeling kind of warn out and I am so sorry I haven't been to anyone's blogs all week due to not having any energy to do anything but go to bed once I've gotten home from work each day. 
     Ok, I will quit whining and get to our awesome Friday Spy Day over on the Farm Fresh Challenge blog... Today we have spied Ya Ya's sweet card that is going to make you want to pop on your favorite swimsuit and head to the beach.  lol...  I do have to mention however not only did Ya Ya make a fantastic card she also was able to take a great picture of it as well.. 

YaYa's awesome card!

As you can see I don't do so well with easel cards when it comes to photographing 
     I am going to confess once again that I had this stamp already colored and cut out of my Spellbinders a very long time ago.  I had put it all back in the baggy with the DP that I had wanted to use with it and then I forgot all about her.  Well, once again I was rescued.  So, don't toss those images taht you colored but just didn't find the right papers or whatever as you just never know when they will come in handy and actually work out just like you wanted them to.  lol...I sat down to make my card and Thanks to Ya Ya's design and my colored before hand image  I was able to make this card it less than 15 minutes.  :O)  Big SMILE... as I don't think it would have gotten made due to my feeling very cranky and overall run over by a train.  lol.... So YaYa thanks for the great card idea and Congratulations!  You deserve it as this card is just adorable. 
     So I am going to hit the sack and hope that tomorrow I will feel so much better.  lol.... I do have all my pictures on my storage load, I just have to get the time to post it all for you guys.  I am shooting for Saturday. So until then, have a great Friday.  Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G


Chrissy said...

Oh! Lisa, so sorry you feel so bad...sending you big cyber hugs, and hope you start to feel better...Fabulous easel card, love the wee guy and gorgeous colours...take care..xox


Rachel Parys said...

CUTE! Love your easel card, can't believe you put it together so fast!

I think we have all been hit by some sort of flu bug. My body ached for two days, and my throat is killing me, but I still colored! (that's light duty work, right?) lol

Get some rest this weekend and feel better!

Amy said...

Soooo cute and nobody would believe you made the card in fifteen minutes...gotta love finding those already colored images!
I hope you're able to get rid of your cold/flu soon, it really doesn't want to leave you!

Amanda R said...

This is adorable and easel cards are a bugger to try to photograph. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Denice said...

Such an adorable card, easel cards are always fun! I love the fact you could put it together in 15 thinking girlie!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling so well...hope your all better by now?!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Get Better Soon. Love your SWEET cards!!~