Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paw Paw-Razzi Sunday...

Good morning everyone.
     I hope that you are all having a great weekend.  I am sure that for some you are even in the middle of a 3 day weekend.  Not me,  I worked yesterday and we are open on Monday.  Oh well I can't complain as I usually get a 3 & 1/2  day weekend once a month.  So no complaining over here.  lol....
     So, as most of you know by now it is time for our 2nd Paw Paw-Razzi Sunday.  This week we are changing it up just a little bit as I have asked a few of my blogging friends to send me some of their sweet babies to share with you all.  At first I was going to showcase a couple at a time, but I think that each person's little fur babies deserve their own day.   That being said we are going to kick off this week with Amanda's beautiful cats..
     First let me introduce you to Sinbad.  He is a Maine Coon that has his own little basket in his Mom's crafting room so that he can take a cat-nap or two while Amanda is making her awesome cards.   I am told that even though he looks small all cuddled up in his basket that he by no means is tiny.  He is 18 pounds of pure muscle.  

Sinbad crafting with his Mom....

Lucy. Isn't she pretty?
     Next is Amanda's black & white cat named Lucy.  According to Amanda Lucy also goes by LucyFur.  I think that says it all.  lol...  I have to thank Amanda as it took her all week to get a great picture of Lucy as her Mommy says that she is either running around or sound asleep.  Not very much of in between.   Evidently Lucy loves to sit on her Dad's shoulder like a parrot.   She is said to be very affectionate & loving, but really loves to torment poor Sinbad.   I think we all can figure out who is spoiled in Amanda's house. 
How can you call this sleeping beauty a LucyFur?
      I hope that you all enjoy seeing Amanda's little fur family as much as I do.  I think their both so cute.  If you would like to have one or more of your babies caught by the Paw Paw-Razzi just drop me an email along with a picture or two and I would be more than happy to put them on my blog.  Thanks again, Amanda.  I loved reading all about your babies.  They sound like so much fun and I really love the picture of Lucy sitting by the window. You just know that is the best spot in the house.  
      Next week our special cat visitor will be Rachel.  She is a Bombay much like my Lucy, but her Daddy was so nice and sent me a few pictures of her to share with you.  If you can't wait until next week you can watch a few of Jason's videos that show you just how awesome Rachel is. 
     Have a great day everyone and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G


Danni said...

Oh how fun to have guest kitty cats!! Beautiful cats!
Let me know if you ever want guest doggies..hehe!!

Amy said...

Love your paw-paw razzi Sundays Lisa, they always make smile!
And now I'm wondering if I got a basket like Sinbad's maybe Oreo wouldn't want to hang out on my table all the time, LOL! :)