Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Paw-Paw-razzi Sunday..

Oreo... Isn't he the best help that Amy could ever need?
Amelia with milk on her chin....
She doesn't hold still much sorry for the blur..

      Hi guys, let's get right to our top story for today.   We have a guest this week.  I am so pleased to introduce you to Oreo.  He is Amy Young's little sweetie and he seems to think that Amy needs his supervision when she is coloring her wonderful cards.  Isn't he just so sweet and very intense looking?  I just love those long white whiskers.... and you all know how I feel about any cat that has black on it. So I think Oreo (just about the cutest name for a black and white cat) is a very sweet and smart Cat. 
Thanks so much Amy for sharing Oreo with us today.  Great Picture and I see that your desk can look a lot like mine does after a full week.  That of course includes the cat sitting on the paper pads. lol...
     I do have one small little thing to share with you about the Gobea House.  Friday night we took the kids to get their very first Frozen Yogurt at the brand new 'Blue Palm' yogurt shop.  They really enjoyed it and the people working there were just so super nice  and very helpful as well.
Anyway, when we pulled up Sunday was waiting on the front porch as always. However when we got out of our car there was a little while fur ball that came up to Madison.  It just would not let her be.  Madison as you know just loves cats altogether and she wanted us to check the little darling out, so we brought her in only to find that she was starving and that for some odd reason she had black tar on the bottoms of her paws.  Jerry said that we can't have another cat and I agree.  However it wasn't even five minutes later that he told me Madison could name this one then he went out to our garage and cleaned out the closet so that 'Amelia' wouldn't have to be out in the rain.  He swept it out and made sure there were no spiders to hurt her. Then he made it  complete with a cat bed, litter box and shelves for her to climb on. She was then given her own water and food bowl and allowed to stay in all night.  Maddi even gave her a stuffed animal to sleep with.  I know what your thinking and your right.  lol....
    We are insane , but for some reason we seem to get adopted by all the stay animals in our neighborhood.  We spent a lot of yesterday before my parents came over looking to see if anyone had lost their little sweetie.   So, if we can't find her owner come Monday she is going in for a check up and shots.  I don't want my other cats getting anything. lol
     Well guys it is super late and I am bushed so I will wish you all a great Sunday and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G


Rachel Parys said...

Awww.. You big softies! She's cute, good luck with that!

Amy said...

Oh my, Amelia is so cute and the perfect counterpart to Lucy. You know you had to have a white cat to balance your black cat, ying & yang! Love the name Amelia, great choice Maddi! I'm thinking it won't be long before every stray cat around knows who the ol' softie is in the neighborhood...yes, I mean Jerry! ;) hehehe