Saturday, February 25, 2012

Look who the Paw Paw-Razzi found this week....

Hi guys. 
     It's already Sunday and you all know what that means over here at the Gobea house.  Yes, it's Paw Paw-Razzi time once again and this week I am very pleased to introduce you to Rachel. 
     According to her Dad (Jason) he has had Rachel since she was 2 years old.  It would seem that at first Rachel was one of two cats that Jason's Sister had.  In 2004 she was given to Jason as his Sister didn't feel that she could 'handle' both of the cats any longer.  The other cat is a grey Bombay, but Jason has never seen that cat.  He was nice enough to take whichever of the two cats that she didn't want.   (I don't know how his Sister's cat is, but I personally think that Jason got the better of the two.)  When he first got Rachel he laughed as the first thing he noticed were how big her eyes were.  According to Jason at first she would just sit and study him.  However it didn't take long to see that Rachel was a very talkative cat.   When I first came across one of Rachel's YouTube videos I knew right away that I had to talk to her owner.   She is just so  beautiful and a talker just like my Lucy.
I am telling you the things that Jason has told me about Rachel are so similair to Lucy that it is weird. 
     It would seem that Rachel is a people cat and she loves to be in bed when Jason is in bed and if he shuts the door Rachel will not leave him alone.  She will bang on the door with her paws until he opens it to let her in.   (I know exactly what he is talking about)

Look at those eyes!  They call Bombays the black cats with the copper pennie eyes.

I am sure she is talking in this picture and not hissing....

Waiting for Jason to come home.  :O) 

I bet you thought I slipped in a picture of Lucy...  No, that would be Rachel...

       You can see videos of Rachel on YouTube here.   Once you see her talking and being so adorable I think you will just fall in love with her.   Jason was nice enough to send me some stills of Rachel to share with you this week and I am so glad that he did.   I know that a lot of people get spooked by black cats, but I am telling you they are the BEST!  I have never had a cat like my Lucy and I am almost certain that Jason feels the same way about his Rachel. 
     Jason works close to home and is able to pop in twice during the day to see her.  Rachel as you can tell by the photo is right on top of his schedule and is always waiting for him at the door. 
     So, I hope that you all get the chance to check out both Rachel and Jason here.  Thanks for stopping by and meeting Rachel as I am sure you will agree she is just so pretty.  If  you can be sure and let Jason know what you think of Rachel as well.  She is quite the cat.  
   Thank you so much Jason for letting me share her with my blogging friends and with me and my family.
     If you would like to have you cat or dog be featured on Paw Paw-Razzi Sundays just shoot me an email.  I would love to see and hear what your furry friend look like and mean to you. 
     Have a great Sunday everyone.  Talk at you tomorrow for Monday Funday...
Hugs, Lisa G


Rachel Parys said...

Cats are way more cooperative at picture taking than dogs! My dogs won't sit still for two seconds to let me snap a pic!lol

Fun way to spend your Sunday! Have a great day!

Jason Pearson said...

Your blog is great!! So much for featuring Rachel!!