Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi guys. Can you believe another day has come and gone again? I can not believe that we are almost halfway through the month of May. I have to say that even though yesterday was a busy one for me it was also a very good day! Yes! Madison pasted all of her tests at the Dr's and they gave her a clean bill of health. She is recovering as they wanted her to, so she can return to PE with the promise to not overdo it. I have to say that she went all day yesterday without needing any pain medication at all. She even listened to me and took the elevator at school. Jerry and I are very happy to see her getting back to herself. We wanted to thank each and everyone of you that has taken her into your thoughts and hearts. You are truly just the sweetest people. They also told us that the pains in her legs and ankles are growing pains. I remember my sister having growning pains, but I never did....Go figure!

Ok, thanks for listening this far. My card today is of course made for the "Because I said so" challenge over at CA&F blog. Well, when Mitchell noticed that Madison got to pick out products and a stamp for me to make a card with he wanted to do it also. I figured why not. When he was in 1st and 2nd grade he did not have very good finger dexterity, so I came up with the idea that Mitchell, Madison and I would all have the same coloring books and we would color in their bed for awhile before they needed to go to sleep. He has always thought that was so special and he did not even know that it was helping him to hold his pencils correctly. So, because I spoil my sweet children to no end I felt that it was only fair to let my Mitchell have his shot at a card for me to make.
You will see really fast what theme he was going for. It really shows to me his personality. He wants to be a writer when he grows up and I think that he was trying to make a book with
Ok guys, got to get a move on. Talk at you tomorrow. Hugs, Lisa G
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pp-Just Chillin-makingmemories-6x6 paper pad & Tiffany's-WeRMemory makers
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Amy said...

Mitchell rocked the challenge, I love this! I always think it's fun to tell a story with your cards and you can see his imagination at work in this card! Great job you two, you're pretty fabulous also Lisa! :)

Cindy Haffner said...

She is ROCKING!!

Mary Frances said...

Hey Lisa! Mitchell did GREAT! The card is so pretty. I'm glad to hear Madison is getting back to her normal routine. Hugs xx

Angela said...

Oh Mitchell did an awesome job!! He too has a great eye for color!! I really need to let my kids do this!! There's no telling what they would come up with!! But I bet they would have fun!!! So glad Madison is doing good!! I know that's a big weight off your shoulders and heart!! Tell Mitchell I love everything he picked out!! AWESOME!!