Monday, October 24, 2011

best WITCHES...

Hi guys. 
     I hope that you have all had a great start to your week.  We were busy at work, but it was a pretty good day.  I did however go out to my car to read at lunch only to find that my car (the one I just paid a lot of money to get it repaired)  has a new issue that required me to call the repair company and have them tow it in.   They won't even be able to look at it until sometime tomorrow as they are really swamped at the moment.   :O(     I am trying not to be in a bad mood, but I it really bothers me when cars don't work like they should.  This also leaves us without a car until it is up and running again, and I hate to be dependant on anyone.... GGggrrr..... ( I really should have been smarter and become a millionair! lol.... Like that was a choice in High School.)
     Madison had her Dr's appointment today and now she has to go see a specialist as they don't know what happened to her ankle nor do they know what is going on with the growth plate.  We already have an appointment scheduled for this Thursday.  Hopefully we'll get some answers for her.  As for the moment she can't do any PE and that also means we aren't going on our walks and that has bummed us all out too.  UMMMMmmmmm,,,  It will get better I know.  I just need to go with the flow.  lol...
    As you might have guessed  I was kind of in a cranky mood when I got home tonight, so I sat down and made a very simple but quick card.  I used one of the really adorable stamps that Mercy was sweet enough to send to me.  I thought it would go really well with the sentiment stamp by AmyR.  It's just a little card and the stamps measure about 2&1/2 by 3 inches all together and was a very fun and relaxing card to make.  I figure it will be perfect as a quick note to a friend.  lol..
    Ok guys, I have to head off to bed.  I hope that you all have a great day.  I am counting on mine going a lot better than today.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-witch & goo-craftsmart, AmyR-sentiment
cs- Neenah, orange zest-PTI & green-AC Cardstock
sheer ribbon-details & accessories
dew drops-grape jelly, tangelo, pear tart & tuxedo black-Momento ink
Copic Markers


Chrissy said...

Cheer up sweetie....could be could have a mouse in your house...LIKE ME...he came back...or maybr SHE gave birth before I caught her last time and threw her next door...nasty little rodent.. left poo in my cupboard...and how did it climb way up there?? The very top cupboard and ate my corks, flour, and worst of all...

MY CRACKERS..hmmpff..

I love your little witch, so cute, are you smiling yet...........


Cindy Haffner said...

Ohh how SWEET is this!!~

Amy said...

Your card is super cute, don't you just love having some stamps that make for quick cards!
Well, at least you know your day today can't be worse than yesterday, it can only be better! :)
Poor Madison, hopefully they'll get her all fixed up some and you guys can get walking again...especially while the weather is as beautiful as it is!
Take care and hugs for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, what a gorgeous card, can witches be cute? Well yours is. Fab!
Love from,
Rachel and Angela