Thursday, October 27, 2011

FFF Friday Spy Day... you totally ROCK !

TGIF !!!!
     Hi guys, I am so glad that it is finally Friday.  It has been a very busy, but fast week for sure.  I am happy to report that our car is back on it's tires and running smoothly once again.  Come to find out the motor mount broke and caused the engine to slide forward thus smashing the starter.. You should have seen that poor started. It was never going to run again, I garrenty it. lol... I have I ever mentioned what a jinks I am to cars and pretty much anything electrical including computers?  lol...  I really am.  Sooooo, moving on.  Madison had her Dr appointment today and we really don't know much more than we did yesterday.  They are going to keep her off the running and walking for the next two weeks along with some anti-inflammatory meds  and then she goes back to the Dr. to see if it is better.  If not, they are going to start a blood workup for juvenile arthritis.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that like the severe knee pains last year this is just a bit of growing pains. 
     Well as it is getting late and I have to work early tomorrow let me get on with my card for today.  Margie is posting this Friday Spy Day today and she picked out this adorable card by abbygrimaldi.  'Sweet Temptations'

I really love the Spellbinder that she used for her main picture on this.  I ordered a set of them almost three weeks ago and I was soooo hoping to get them before today.  As you can see that didn't come in time, so I settled on my diamond shape instead.  I did however get the opportunity of using a new 6x6 paper pad from fancypants that I have never used before, and I have to say that I am loving their papers big time!  heehee 

     Saturday is my youngest Nephew's Birthday.  He will be 9 years old and he is just the cutest little red headed boy I have ever seen.  Much like his older and younger sister, he is all boy and like his Daddy (my baby brother) very athletic to boot.  That is why I decided on these papers and on CC Tyler.  He just reminds me of that kind of guy that really does it all.  Anyway if you would be so kind and help me wish Mathew a very Happy Birthday.   Happy Happy Birthday Mathew.  We LOVE you very much. 
     Thanks for stopping by today.  I am hoping to get a ton of work done this weekend as I am heading into another three week stint on no half days and working weekends.  Gonna love the paycheck, if I can make it.  lol.... Seriously, I am getting old and I stand every day from 8am to 5pm.  : > )   By Saturday mornings I am ready for some me time and maybe even a little lounging on the couch for a half hour.  heehee
Have a great day everyone.  Talk at you later. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Chrissy said...

This card Definitely 'ROCKS' gorgeous colouring, love this ones hair you think I have a fetish with hair???
Dont work too hard...I have the whole weekend off..whoo hoo...colouring,colouring,colouring...gotta get ahead...sleep tight..


Danni said...

I missed what is going on with Madison but hope it's just some growing pains!! And my goodness, sounds like no fun on the card!! HUGS!!
Fabulous card, so fun!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Amanda R said...

Great card as always Lisa! Sorry I am behind in commenting and checking on things but hoping everything with Madison is okay. Will keep you all in my thoughts.

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh Lisa your cards always make me smile. Thanks for your visits and your kind works. Happy Week-end!!~

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your nephew, Matthew! His card looks amazing Lisa, I think CC Tyler is perfect too!
I'm glad you've got your car, it's such a pain when they are in the shop!
Poor Madison, I hope they figure this out soon!
Take care, my friend and get lots of rest and relaxation on Sunday! :)

mousekemom said...

Oh my gosh, I want Tyler! He is just awesome, but can't justify getting the huge set. Love the papers and cut of the image. Just great, Lisa!

nurse cupcake said...

Lisa! this is a wonderful card. I'm sure he will love it! :) i also wanted to thank you for commenting on my posts- your posts are very sweet and "real" if you know what i mean. i'm new to the crafting community and I appreciate it :)

sweet said...

Hi Lisa... I love the really cool background papers! Awesome card!