Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sunday is looking a lot healther this weekend than when
I took this picture. She was bone thin.

You just know she is thinking"Please let me sleep."

Good morning all. 
     Yes, it is Sunday once again and that means Sundays with Lucy.   However, today that also means that you finally get to meet a new addition to our little family.  Last Sunday on our family walk we had a guest follow us home.  She is a little black and white kitten/cat that has had her tail broken in two different places and as of last week you could feel every bone in her body. 
     You all know what a freak I am about my kids, so of course when this little one came up to us they were allowed to talk to her but not touch.  However she started walking with us and even though we would stop and try to get her to go home she would not leave.  She ended up walking the next 6 blocks with us to our  house.  We also ended up giving her food and naming her Sunday.   I know!  We have checked all week long to see if she belongs to anyone,  but no one is claiming this little gal.  I am very pleased to say however that even though she is not allowed in the house (it is Lucy's house) she has put on weight and you can no longer feel those bones. :O)    You can tell this little one has not had the best start in life, so we are helping her out until she decides to leave. 
     I had promised the kids that if she was still here come this Monday and no one had claimed her that we would take her to the vet to get her some shots and start taking care of her.  Well, it's been a week and as you can see she is still here.  She is so funny,  when Jerry and I work on the pool or get it ready for the kids to swim she will sit on one of the benches in the back yard and just watch.  Even when we are all in the pool making noise and having fun she sits on the bench and watches.  She does love it however when Jerry sits with her.  She will climb on his lap and purr while he pets her.  Can you tell my hubby is a cat person? 
     Now, as for my Lucy she doesn't really seem to care about what goes on outside that door.  She knows the cat is there, but she just walks by the door and goes about her day.  lol...  She knows she has a good life and as you can see she isn't suffering at all.   I was organizing yesterday and had my box of chipboard out when I looked down and she had squeezed herself into the box to take a siesta.  You can tell she got irritated when I started taking pics.  I guess she just didn't have enough energy to get out of the box.  lol... 
Well we just got back from our walk and I need to hit the shower.  Have a great day everyone.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Amy said...

Sunday is a very pretty kitty, second only to Lucy(I don't want to get on Lucy's bad side!)LOL!
It's impossible not to feel sorry for mistreated animals, I think Sunday targeted your family knowing you guys would help her out! She probably could tell Jerry was a big softie from a mile away! :)

Amanda R said...

Cats know good people when they see them, how could you not take care of her? I am glad Jerry and the kids like animals as much as you do and that will be one lucky cat now. God Bless all of you!

Danni said...

I agree with what the others said, so glad you took care of Sunday, it always breaks my heart to see abandoned animals.
Lucy is so pretty, I always love the photos of her!

My Dollies 3 said...

You remind me of someone else I know. I guess you are my daughter in more ways than not. And Madison is growing into the same type of daughter, very loving and caring of both animals and humans. Thank God for people like you!
luv ya, Mom

Angela said...

Oh Sunday is too cute and reminds me of our old cat Sally which has been gone for years. If the top pic is how she looks now.... OMGOSh she looks so much fatter than the second one. Lucky knows has it good. I hope you had a great weekend.