Sunday, July 31, 2011


Mitchell & Madison after swimming. They both wanted to dress for the cake and ice cream. I can not tell you how
many times they end up putting on the same color of outfit without even knowing it. 

Jerry insisted on putting 27 candles on this small cake.
Mitchell's 14  & Madison's 13

Lucy enjoying our inpromptu party.

Sunday on her Daddy's lap. She is looking so much better and it no longer freaks me out to touch her back or tail. 

     Wow, I don't even know where I want to start today.  I have a whole weeks worth of sharing that is just running through my head at the moment.  I guess I will start with the most important info and that is that yesterday was our son Mitchell's 14th Birthday and today is our daughter Madison's 13th Birthday!  I want to wish them both the Happiest of Days and tell them just how much that we love them.  They are really good kids and we spent Friday with their Grandma and Grandpa swimming and eating cake and ice cream with us.  We had so much fun and it was very relaxed.  Sometimes that turns out to be better than a HUGE party that I had planned.  :O) 
     Now as it is Sunday and that usually means I share pictures of our crazy cat I figure that I will give you all an update on both Lucy and Sunday (our adopted cat) that lives outside.  Lucy as you can see enjoys being the center of attention whenever we have people over. The kids had both torn open their gifts and Jerry had given them a bag to put the trash in.  Well, Lucy has always had a thing for licking plastic bags.  As you can see she still has this addiction. ?!  I took the pictures to share and then the bags were picked up as I worry that there might be some kind of coating on the bag that could hurt her.  (Yes, I am as weird about the cat as I am with the M&Ms.)  Now, because my kids are as bad as their Mommy as you all know we now have an addopted cat named Sunday.  Last week I shared a couple of pictcures that I took when she first addopted us.  I wanted to let you all see how well she is doing and she has only been her two weeks.  Now when we head out on our morning walks she will either sit on our front porch or our neighbor's driveway and waite for us to return.  The kids are both so happy that she is looking and feeling alot better than when she followed us home.  It is amazing to me, but that first day everytime Jerry or the kids would pet her her hair would just fall out.  Now when you pet her there is hardly any hair loss.  I don't know if that is because she is being fed three times a day or if she is actually getting fresh water three times a day.
      I did make the M&Ms some cards for their Birthdays, but I have to wait until tomorrow to share them as they won't be getting them until today.  :O)  They have to wait for something to open on Madison's day.  Yes, their are both spoiled rotten and I wouldn't change it for the world.  lol...
      Well, that should catch me up for now.  I am off to go on our walk before it gets too hot.  I hope that you all have a great day.  I am also hoping to get around and see everyone's blogs  today.  I have missed talking and seeing everyone's projects. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Chrissy said...

Missed the post about Sunday hun! but the hair loss was probably stress, and under nourished, but at your home I'm sure she will thrive..and dare I say.. she will sneak into your home like she did with your
Have a great week..I'm having a break from work , have a long time girlfriend coming for a visit, so that will fill my days..cant wait.

Amanda R said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddos! And Sunday looks soooo much better! Thank heavens she was sent to you, I am sure she couldn't ask for better kitty parents!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday to Mitchell and Madison. Sounds like they have had a great b'day! Sounds like your new Cat has found itself a home and I'm betting it couldn't have found a nicer family to love it. Hope you had a nice walk and I wanted to say thank-you for always leaving me such lovely comments. It relly does brighten my day to see a comment from you! Hope you have had a fabulous weekend!

Amy said...

The M&M's haircuts look awesome...Madison is very chic and sassy and Mitchell is one handsome dude! Lucy probably figured the party was for her! She is quite the cat and I'm glad Sunday is doing so much better now!
Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Damaris said...

Happy Birthday M&Ms. You guys are so lucky to have such a sweet & talented mommy. Be blessed and take care!!

x0, Damaris

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell and Madison. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and got all kinds of cool stuff.
So glad the new cat is doing so much better and it looks as if he/she? has found it's new home and family to love it.

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday to Madison & Mitchell. How lucky that they are so close together not only in age but birthDAYS. It must make it so easy to plan parties and such. They look like they had a blast and so do the kittys. Thanks for the updates and can't wait to see Madison's card.
Have a great week!