Friday, October 11, 2013


Halloween Candy-click here!!!

Hi guys.

     Wow, I am so upset at myself at this very moment.  lol... I had just finished up tonight's post when I hit some key ( have no idea what key) and it totally erased everything!!!   Ggggrrr...
     So, as I was already tired and I so do not feel like retyping everything I am just going to show you my card for today.  This card was made using Halloween Bride from TGF and some of my all time favorite pattern paper that I have no idea what company it is from let alone where or when I bought it.  lol....
     Halloween Bride is a digi stamp that I purchased last year and made a card out of.  Her card was ruined and she was looking pretty bad, so I pulled her off that card and spruced her up a bit and gave her a whole new card. 
     As you can see I didn't even get a picture of the inside of this card as when I hit that button it deleted all of my pictures except for this one.  ???!!*****???!! I know I could have retaken them, but I just don't have then energy for it.  Sorry. 
     I hope you all have a great Saturday.  I have to work and then I am going to come home and get a few more cards done before I take a well needed day off.  :O) 
Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

There she is with her little wrinkle, but she is just going to sit on my desk. 


Sammy said...

There's nothing more frustrating than losing an entire post! You have my deepest sympathies!

Lovely card though. She's such a great image, and her wrinkle just makes her more realistic, lol. x

Berina RGA said...

Lovely card!! she's so cute!!
Moxie Craftie

Anita said...

Love this Halloween card, especially her hair - it looks fabulous. I've also hit a stupid key and wiped out everything on blogger, so frustrating!

Denice said...

Adorable...wonderful coloring and love the way you laid out the sentiment!!

Jennyfer L said...

How frustrating to lose your whole post!!! I couldn't agree more esp when you're tired!

Regena said...

SO cute!!

Tress said...

Absolutely love how you colored her eyes! I had to go to TGF shop to find this digi. I thought it was a new one! Imagine my surprise when I realized it was not new. I never cared for this digi until seeing your version with her altered eyes! Oh, and the rest of the card is awesome too! Hope you and your family are feeling better!