Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

I just have to warn you that this it the scariest post out of all of my Halloween ones.  So just remember before you go any further that you were warned!


 I warned you!!!!

 Yep, that is how my desk and corner of the room looks at the moment.  I have been sick with a fever and body aches all day, so I really just don't have the strength.   I am hoping tomorrow is a better day and I will be able to find the top of my desk once again.  Until then I hope you all have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Hugs Lisa G


Berina RGA said...

hope u get better soon and start crafting :)
Moxie Craftie

Sammy said...

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon! And on Halloween too...

And it looks like I still win the prize for messiest desk ever! lol.

Denice said...

That's not messy, it's just supplies waiting to be used! LOL!
Maybe you can scare those germs away! Hope you feel better soon.

Stephanie R/S said...

Feel better hun I feel ur pain my craft rooms a hot mess

Jennyfer L said...

Um, this is not scary at all! I'm in awe:-) Where did you get those markers storage from?

Hope you feel better soon and hope you had a great Halloween too!

Dora said...

Happy Halloween to you too Lisa, and hoping you will be better soon xxx

Amanda R said...

Awww, hope you are feeling better soon! My area gets like that too if I get real busy but I have to clean up at some point or I just can't work anymore. But love your Halloween take on it!