Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You're the pick of the Patch!

Halloween Candy HERE!

     Hi guys, I hope your week is off to a great start.  Mine has been super busy so far and I don't see that it will be getting slower anytime soon.  lol... I wonder, how come it takes so long to get from Monday to Friday, but it just takes a moment to get from Friday to Monday again. lol.... Just wondering! So, there are my words to ponder for the year.  hee hee... 
     I am super sorry to have been absent for the last couple of days.  I have just really truly been so busy both with work and with my Teenagers getting ready for our Halloween Graveyard.  One must always put some work into such things you know.  :O)  I spent at least an hour or two after work today hunting down much needed face paint, hair color and of course the perfect fingernail polish for Madison.  And here I thought she has all she needed to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.  Don't even getting me going on all the little things Jerry and Madison wanted me to pick up so the yard looks like they think it should.  :O)
     If you want to see Jerry and the M&Ms' completed graveyard on Halloween could you let me know?  I am trying to keep this to a crafting/card making blog, but if you would be interested in it I would be more than happy to share with you all.  (Don't want to drive you all too crazy with my family life.)
     So let's get to today's card.  My wonderful friend Chrissy made this gorgeous card last week and I just had to have a go at it.  I have Spellbinder dies that are of a pumpkin, but Chrissy's  old school pumpkin was just so pretty  I couldn't pass up the thought of not trying my hand at something similar to it.  Truly you need to check out Chrissy's card. It is just beautiful. 
     I decided that I wanted to use an embossing folder on my pumpkin to add a little more details to it.  Then I noticed that my leaves and tendrils needed a little something, so I used some ink to help out with the embossing along with just twirling the fine bits to make them look a little more realistic. 
I have to admit that I really love how my pumpkin turned out.  I think that it came out pretty much like I wanted it to.   I then spent quite a bit of time trying to find the perfect papers to go with it.  Finally I got to looking at the doodlebug designs paper pads form this year and last year and that is when I decided that this little pumpkin needed a friend or two to have along with it.  Yes, I cut out the front cover of my paper pad and I think it just really helped this card come to life. 
     I know I have mentioned it a million times, but due to the fact that I have no stores around me I don't tend to buy any of the paper accents that go along with the papers.  I think I just can't imagine how they would look and how I would use them on a card.  :O(  Oh well, such is life.  :O)   That is why I used the front of my pad as I thought it really added a great accent for my huge pumpkin.  hehe..
     I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.  I am just counting the hours until I can come home and then I only have  a half day to get through Thursday until we have a great family night planned and I am off for three days!  Yay!! Yay, Yay on all accounts.  Ok guys, have a great day and I will talk at you later.
Hugs,  Lisa G

Side view just to help show the tendrils and the embossing on the pumpkin.

Supplies: huge list, will put in tomorrow after work and family. Sorry...


Amy said...

Fabulous card Lisa! Accents and embellishments are fun but I will always believe that fun papers can be all you need to make a show stopping card. :)

Please do share picks of the graveyard, I can't wait to see what Jerry and the M&Ms have come up with to "terrify" all those trick or treaters! Oh and enjoy those three days off coming up too! :)

Berina RGA said...

wow!! this pumpkin is really nice.. and nice sentiment.. Do share the pics of the graveyard... would like to see those :)
Moxie Craftie

Regina said...

hi, Lisa
wow, your pumpkin is a big one! Very pretty in the embossing look and the 3D-look is perfect to put the leaves and swirls!
sending greetings - Regina

Chrissy said...

Your pumpkin came out fantastic Lisa and love the embossing for detail..awesome!!...would love to see pic's of your Halloween night..share away.We dont do Halloween here...well, not really, the local kids and shops do,but nothing like America..half of them dont dress up, just go looking for treats...again fantastic card.


Sammy said...

Embossing the pumpkin in genius. Pure genius! Lovely card!

And yes, please do share pictures of your halloween decorations! Around here we might see the odd (plasic) pumpkin in a window to signal the occupants are open to trick-or-treaters, but no-one goes all out or does anything really special. So I'd LOVE to see it! x

Jennyfer L said...

I would love to see your graveyard pictures. Here ppl don't dress up their front yard that much lol. As for your card, well, it rocks my dear! Love, love the embossing and the vines.

mousekemom said...

Love the embossing and dimension on your pumpkin, Lisa! Love the wreath from you last post too!

Amanda R said...

I think your card looks fabulous and I honestly never buy all the extra stuff that goes along with the paper pads, I never use it but your paper pad front looks awesome on this and love the embossing. Necessity is the mother of invention right?