Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ICY DAY OFF........

Omword...I can not believe it. I got up this morning, got the kids and myself ready to go and thought about checking the local news for schools. I even turned the T.V. on and got my son his breakfast after his shower. Then as he asked me if he could change the channel I completely forgot about school closers...In my defence however I do have a whooper of a headache today due to a sinus infection..I even forgot to get the antibiotic last night before leaving work. So off we head(after I got the car door unstuck from the ice on it)to school only to come around the corner and see a poor kid running after his Mom as the police officer is flashing his light to no avail..Poor kido, got to take a ride this morning..I had to ring the school 5 times just to prove to the kids that indeed the school was closed due to icy roads! Yay kids, so sorry Dad! I thought that as I still have not done any projects for you that I would show you a picture of the lady next doors driveway. My hubby will be deicing it before I am finished..She is the sweetest and we love her like my grandma....Have a great day all and stay save. Lisa G

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Amy said...

I'm so glad we don't have the ice here! Icy roads are the worse!
I hope it warms up and the ice melts off the roads for you!