Sunday, December 20, 2009


Happy Sunday to everyone. I can not remember if I have every mentioned that my Mom sews doll clothes...She sews mostly for Terri Lee and Jerri Lee dolls. These dolls have been around since she was a little girl in the 40's & 50's. When they came out the company hired women to hand sew each and everyone of the dolls clothes. One year for Christmas they even sold a mink coat for Terri. My Mom has all the original patterns and makes up her own as well, to sell on eBay. If you ever shop on eBay you will see the amount of money that people will pay for the dolls and their clothes today. My Mom has always sewed....we are talking regular clothes, prom dresses , wedding dresses and now these wonderful doll clothes.

Last week she designed and sewed a ball gown and tuxedo for the dolls to go to the White house for a New Years Eve party. The gown has a real mink stole and the tux was made from my Grandpa's tuxedo that wore. She had one of her regulars buy it and ask for it to have an invitation so that Terri & Jerri would not be kicked out. This is were I come in. Mom gave me a call and asked if I could make her up one to send with the clothing. It was very fun to make, even though I would not read what I was typing on the computer because it was so small. The lady was very pleased with everything including the little invitation. She decided she needed to take them to work.

I have to tell you that sometimes I fell very foolish when I spend my money on my Copics or more stamps....Well maybe just a gal paid $175.00 for this set...Not feeling foolish anymore!..Have a great day everyone, Lisa G


diane (cookiestamper) said...

What a sweet story. This set is adorable!

Amy said...

Wow, your Mom is a magician with a sewing machine...what a gorgeous set of formal attire! I don't know if $175 is enough for her work! :)
And your invitation looks perfectly regal!
Those doll collectors do make our hobby look like a cheap one, don't they! LOL!
Have a great day Lisa!

Kit said...

What beautiful dolls clothes :o) and your invites are wonderful, so elegant