Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hi guys.
I sure hope you are all having a great weekend. It was so sunny yesterday, but the wind did tend to bring down the temperature just a little bit... Still a great day anyway. As you can see I loaded my first video yesterday. I am trying to get used to this whole thing. I still don't know what I would make a video of anyway. I mean yes, I do use Copics to make my cards but there are so many people that do it so much better and they know so much more than me. lol.. We'll see. My M&Ms are trying to talk me into it, but I think it's more so that they can get their chance to do the same thing. They both spend a lot of time making stop action and LPS videos on their phones. They are quit good. I just don't think I want them on YouTube quit yet.
Anyway for Lucy's pictures today I thought that I would share how she loves to play in boxes and with her toys. She is so funny as she gets in these moods where she will run around to play hide and seek with you, but when she is done playing she just stops and lays down no matter where she is at. In these pictures she was playing with Jerry and her box then she got tired and well you can see what happened when she was done. lol... She really does keep all four of us entertained. Ok guys, if you have a pet be sure to give them a hug.
Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa

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Amy said...

It is nice and sunny here too... though the wind coming off those snow capped mountains still tends to cool things down a bit, but I'll take it! ;)
Your little Lucy is quite the character, funny kitty! Oreo will do the 'plop down anywhere' thing too. He will be walking in front of me then all of a sudden just stop and roll down onto his back for some belly rubbin', LOL!
Hope you and the M&Ms have a great Spring Break this week! :)