Sunday, April 10, 2011


Good morning all.   I hope that you have been having a wonderful weekend.  It was so sunny and just an overall beautiful day yesterday that we walked down to the park with the kids and played on the swings for quite awhile.  lol...It was a ton of fun and we competed with who could get higher.  Of course us girls beat the boys, but they don't believe us.  You know how boys (and grown men) can be.  lol....
When we got home we sure were scolded by Lucy for leaving her all at one time.  She is used to having at least Jerry home when the kids and I leave in the mornings.  Poor baby. 
I have to tell you though she is a very spoiled cat.  Usually Madison has a wooden TV table out in our living room so that she can draw or do her homework on it.  When Madison is not using the table and we forget to put it away Lucy loves to lay on it so that she can watch TV or just keep an eye out for anything going on in the house.  :O)   I really have no idea why.   I just know that she loves to lay there.  So when Jerry put it away this week and I was off work with the kids Lucy would sit in front of us and meow.  I told Jerry that she is looking for her throne.  He of course did not believe me so I brought one of our wooden chairs from the dining room out and put it between my desk and Jerry's chair.  What do you know,  Lucy has laid on that chair everyday this week.  Can you say OMG,  spoiled cat indeed?  lol...   It's kind of funny because everytime I see Lucy laying on her wooden throne I think of the song by Dave and Sugar called  'The Queen of the Silver Dollar'  I played it for Jerry, but for some reason he didn't think it was so funny.  lol...  I do!
Well as  if  having her own throne weren't enough,  Lucy will not let me have a glass of water without bugging the crud out of me.  I wanted to get one of those glasses that have the screw on lids so that if I was working at my desk I could have a glass of water without being harassed.  However  Jerry will not let me pay that much for a plastic glass.   He thinks it is a total waist of our money.   I just tell him that he then gets to wash each and everyone of the glasses of my water that she drinks from.  Can you guess what he is doing this morning?   bahaaaha! 
Ok, I am hoping to get some mojo this morning as yesterday I could not come up with one idea.  :O(   First however I have to go grocery shopping to get the kiddies ready for school tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Sunday.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Amy said...

Your Lucy has personality plus...she is very entertaining!
Yesterday was so nice and today looks like it's going to rain...guess it's a good day to be at work! :)

Amanda R said...

My Lucy loves to drink out of my glass too so I always have to put paper or a coaster on top to keep her out of it. Spoiled monsters!